Basketball - Weymouth Raiders Earn Hard Fought Victory Over Uni 2

Basketball - Weymouth Raiders Earn Hard Fought Victory Over Uni 2

Published at 9:15am 19th November 2014.

Weymouth Raiders - 73 Exeter University 2 - 67.

On Thursday night Massage Weymouth Raiders played hosts to Exeter University 2 in the second cup game of the season in what turned out to be an epic victory.

The game started well with Coach Sorrell stressing the point of enjoying the game despite playing against an experienced Division 1 side who have been performing well this season. This advice was taken to heart with the Raiders making good offensive plays running the break and, with defensive steals from Dan Park, the Massage Weymouth Raiders soon found themselves playing an excellent standard of basketball, resulting in a first quarter score of 14 – 12 to the home side.

However, the second quarter was where the Raiders really showed how well they have improved this season with Ben Stokey dominating the boards, scoring 6 successive points, and Piotr Lason finding his shot from downtown to bring the Raiders up 38 – 22 at half-time.

After the break, the Uni side brought out a stronger, different defence to stop the rain of points against them, and the Raiders fell back into their pattern of losing an early lead through basic defensive errors. It took Lason scoring all the Raiders points that quarter to keep them in the game, and the quarter ended with the Massage Weymouth Raiders having scored only 9 to Exeter University's 24 points to hold on to their lead 47 – 46.

In the fourth quarter Coach Sorrell was adamant not to go into overtime and that the home side must improve their defence and cut down on the turnovers in order to get a win, but this turned out harder than anticipated. The tension was high as both teams battled for the lead with Sam Brown and Jeff Robertshaw making strong cuts to the basket for the home team. In the end however, it wasn't enough and with the score tied 63 – 63 the Raiders went into overtime. However, instead of crumbling under the pressure, the Raiders dominated the OT, taking their experience from the last game (a double OT) to conclude the game, with Robertshaw taking it to the hoop confidently and Max Gilmartin and Lason sinking buckets to win OT 10 – 4 and a final score 73 – 67.

Massage Weymouth Raiders Coach Sorrell remarked, “I am very pleased with the way the lads played tonight, although if they had kept up the momentum from the first half, we would have won comfortably and that is something we must work on.”

Raiders now advance in their campaign, playing Exmouth Jesters 1 in the next cup game. This victory strengthened the Raiders unbeaten home record and they are currently top of the table in Division 2

Massage Weymouth MVP: Piotr Lason

Scorers/Roster: Piotr Lason 27, Jeff Robertshaw 20, Sam Brown 8, Ben Stokey 6, Max Gilmartin 6, Dan Park 4, Alan Ridout 2, Tom Storey.