Basketball: Tropic's Storm On The League Continues

Basketball: Tropic's Storm On The League Continues

Published at 8:55am 16th February 2015.

Solent Junior Basketball Association Solent Kestrels U15 35 – 65 Weymouth College Tropics. Winchester 30 – 90 Weymouth College Tropics.

In their latest round of games in the Solent Junior League, Weymouth’s U16 travelled to take on teams in an effort to keep up their 100% winning season.

In their first game against Kestrels is was a slow start as Weymouth could not convert their layups and allowed their opponents in to stay within 10 points. After the initial jitters it was back to form as Max Gilmartin found Eric Robertshaw multiple times to give the Tropics a comfortable lead. The second half opened up even more for the Dorset side as Dan Hampson joined Robertshaw as they dominated the rebounds and put their side 35 – 65 ahead to close the game.

For their second game, Weymouth faced a tricky opponent in Winchester who previous had tested the side with a 6’5 centre in the middle. Unfortunately for Winchester they were without their centre and Weymouth was more than willing to expose this from the opening tip. Gilmartin pushed the tempo towards a cutting Jerry Thompson while Ewan Goodwin and Luke Strong lead a surging second unit to gain a 40 point lead for the half. The second half Tropics were able to rest their tested players but the game didn’t drop as Rev Santos and Kim De Leon were relentless at driving to the hoop, securing an impressive 90 – 30 win.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “The scores reflect a very one sided day for our team. However, we’re still not satisfied until we have the league title in our hands. We are starting to gel as a team and its clear the expectations are being raised each game.”

Roster: Jerry Thompson, Max Gilmartin, Luke Strong, Rory Legg, Dan Hampson, Eric Robertshaw, Ewan Goodwin, Rev Santos, Kim De Leon, Matt Williams-Davey.