Basketball: Mission Fitness Bandits Lose Perfect Home Record

Basketball:  Mission Fitness Bandits Lose Perfect Home Record

Published at 7:35am 16th March 2015.

Mission Fitness Weymouth Bandits 64 - 79 Torbay Tigers. Exeter and District Division 1.

In their penultimate game of the season the undefeated-at-home Mission Fitness Weymouth Bandits hosted the Torbay Tigers. Earlier in the day Tigers had been announced as Division 1 champions due to their top of the league rivals Exeter University losing to Nomads. With first and second places confirmed for Tigers and Uni, Bandits needed one win from their remaining two games to secure third place and third seed for the playoffs.

Mission Fitness Weymouth Bandits started the first quarter the livelier side with Ian Manley and Vitoldas Balciunas getting makes before the team had a four minute spell showing little purpose offensively or defensively that allowed the visitors to steal the lead and momentum at the end of the quarter. Whereas the Mission Fitness Bandits failed to take advantage of their early momentum the league champions capitalised slowly chipping away during the second quarter to extend their lead to 42-28 at the half.

The second half begun with Bandits lacklustre display continuing with flashes of what the Weymouth side are capable of emerging through the outside shooting of Jake Kinder and Craig Sorrell with Joel Franks also finding scoring opportunities on the inside. The final quarter commenced with Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits trailing by 20 points. With a nothing-to-lose attitude the Bandits began to work away at the lead play by play. Chris Canham hit two 3s with more points coming from Balciunas. Rich Camp impressed, shutting down the visitors' best player for the final 8 minutes of the quarter and scoring twice on the other end. Ultimately the deficit was too great but Bandits had worked a more respectable score line against worthy champions.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “Shame we didn’t show our best grit this evening. I Really think we could of got Torbay, but ultimately they wanted it more so it was well deserved. Heading into the playoffs we still hold the higher seed, so will hopefully see them at the finals.”

Roster/Scorers: Vitoldas Balciunas 16, Ian Manley 10, Chris Canham 8, Jake Kinder 7, Joel Franks 6, Jim de Bertrand 6,  Craig Sorrell 5, Rich Camp 5, Brett Dunster 1, Carl Carter.