Tropics Rip Game From The Grasp Of The Storm

Tropics Rip Game From The Grasp Of The Storm

Published at 9:35am 21st February 2013.

Weymouth Tropics 53 – 46 Dorset Storm B

In the latest round of U16 basketball games, Weymouth Tropics squared off against Dorset Storm B in hopes of remaining in league title contention.

The game started with a less than spectacular series of plays as Weymouth seemed lacklustre in their effort to make a quick kill to a depleted Storm side. With some flashes of pressure defence, Tropics made their opponents suffer with solid play from Jake Kinder and Dion Benson. Despite the stellar defensive effort, it was the lack of Weymouth offence that allowed Storm to keep close and eventually keep a slim 1 point lead. As the half continued, both teams fired back and forth, with Weymouth being kept in the game via some tough shots from Taine Mackay and quick cutting from Joe Stickley. As the teams approached half time, it still remained close as Weymouth still struggled to find rhythm on offence and seeing their lead increase to only 2 points.

With a slim lead from a less than impressive first half is with to the dismay of the travelling supporters that Weymouth further took their foot off the accelerator as they then allowed Storm to set the bar, giving multiple turnovers and eventually a 7 point lead to Storm.

Assistant Coach Josh Turner, “It was strange to watch our team that were so talented let themselves come down to a level where they were getting beaten to such easy opportunities. I could tell our head coach Alex Fuhrmann was getting irate and things were potentially going to get ugly.”

As the close of the quarter and going into the final period, things did take a turn as Turner’s predictions came true, Fuhrmann spending the entire break berating the young Tropics side. Weymouth faces soon turned as the young team were sharply affected by the coaches’ choice words. Led by co-captains Kinder and Matt Clarke-Williams, Tropics became possessed with desire to win the basketball game. Starting with a strong defensive effort, they soon made changes to the game scoring again and again to draw level. Clarke-Williams was far from finished in his performance as he scored 10 straight points and Josh Westlake collected every available rebound. Weymouth refused to release the pressure as they capped off the game with a dominating period and a 46 – 53 winning score.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “Things got a little ridiculous in those first 3 quarters of the game. We have a Southwest England player, Storm summer camp MVP and a captain that plays for one of our men’s team. I thought it was totally unacceptable that we were playing with such a low intensity and give Storm credit for giving such a tough game. It did get to the point though where I needed to take a more serious tone and I’m so proud that the lads stepped up and showed their true ability.”


Weymouth MVP: Jake Kinder & Matt Clarke-Williams

Roster: Jake Kinder, Matt Clarke-Williams, Ewan Goodwin, Joe Stickley, Taine Mackay, Dion Benson, Joe Heffell, Scott White, Josh Westlake, Jerry Thompson.