Basketball - Tropics Feel The Freeze

Basketball - Tropics Feel The Freeze

Published at 2:15pm 19th March 2013.

Weymouth College Tropics 36 – 31 Salisbury Spires. Weymouth College Tropics 25 – 27 Dorset Storm B.

In the latest round of U16 local league games, Weymouth College Tropics travelled to Poole in hopes of keeping their league title hopes alive following some recent stellar play.

In their first game they matched up against Salisbury Spire who despite being new to the league this season, have given most teams a run for their money. This took a shift, as unusually the Weymouth side came out guns blazing by running up an 11 point lead in the first quarter. Weymouth’s success was short lived as their second unit were unable to emulate their teammate’s success, allowing the Spires to creep back towards the lead. Luckily for the Tropics, they were able to rely on the consistent play of Scott White and Jake Kinder to steady the ship and walk off with a 36 – 31 win.

U16 Assistant Coach, Josh Turner “This is a team we should have no trouble dispatching. We took a while to get the rotation right and as a result allowed Salisbury some room to succeed. We’re fortunate that we made a great run in the first quarter and were able to set the tone and come off with the win.”

In Weymouth’s second game they squared off against league leaders Dorset Storm B who had only managed to lose 1 game over the entire season thus far. Unfortunately for the young Tropic side, it was a total lack of edge that they provided that allowed the Storm side to stay 2 baskets ahead in what can be described as a lacklustre period of basketball. It was only until the latter stages of the game that the reality of the league title set in and players began to take note. Joseph Heffell provided much needed rebounding as the Storm offence was unable to gain any ground. As the final minutes of the game ticked down and with the scores level is was the lacklustre approach again that struck Tropics, though despite a herculean effort for recently signed Scott White, Weymouth allowed Dorset to claim the game on a disappointing 27 – 25 loss.

Head Coach, Alex Fuhrmann “These games are the most frustrating for me. I can’t stand the thought that we would just give away possession and eventually the game, despite our true ability. If we were beaten by a better team I would find it easier to digest, but effectively giving the opposition the game sits far heavier. I truly hope the lads take a life lesson from this game and realise that you don’t get anything in life by expecting it to come to you.”

Weymouth MVP: Scott White

Roster: Scott White, Joseph Heffell, Harry Bown, Joe Stickley, Josh Purslow, Jake Kinder, Taine Mackay, Matt Clarke-Williams, Dion Benson, Josh Westlake, Jerry Thompson.