Happy Birthday LEGO!

Happy Birthday LEGO!

Published at 12:55am 28th January 2018. (Updated at 12:59am 28th January 2018)

LEGO is celebrating it's Diamond Anniversary and Carl got to chat with two LEGO professionals.

Sunday 29th January 2018 marks the Diamond Anniversary of LEGO. 60 years old and still as popular as it ever was.

Duncan Titmarsh is the UKs only certified LEGO professional (and one of only 13 in the world) and has grown a business out of his love of LEGO even employing others in his venture which is clearly a success. It's a serious business but they clearly have a lot of fun!

Chiara Biscontin is a designer for LEGO group who found her real passion for LEGO whilst studying Design & Engineering.

I couldn't resist the chance to catch up with Duncan and Chiara and quiz them about one of my favourite toys from childhood.

I started out by asking Duncan where it all began for him and LEGO.

60 years on and it's still going strong.

LEGO - 60 today. Happy Birthday!