What sound relaxes you?

What sound relaxes you?

Published at 7:35pm 19th February 2018. (Updated at 7:36pm 19th February 2018)

Is it a cat purring or a stream or perhaps something else that gives you that tickly, light-headed feeling. What sound always relaxes you?

DO NOT listen to the video below if you are driving, operating heavy machinery, attempting to re-enter the earths atmosphere in a NASA spacecraft or if you're responsible for maintaining the thermostat of a Nuclear reactor. There. That should keep the lawyers happy.

This is all about what sounds you find relaxing. There are loads of examples (such as the one below that I find oddly relaxing) on YouTube. In fact, just search "AMSR" on YouTube and you'll see what I mean. There are all sorts of sounds and scenarios that can relax us and couldn't we all do with a little bit more relaxation?

If you want to get the maximum benefit of the video below, make sure you wear headphone or earphones.


So, what sound or sensations do you find give you that tingly, light headed feeling?