Winter for Pets

Winter for Pets

Published at 5:19pm 28th February 2018.

The RSPCA have some words of advice for the care of small animals in the current weather.

It can be tricky enough being human and dealing with the cold weather but what about the cat or dog? Thankfully the RSPCA have some helpful advice for you to follow.


  • Walkies might not be high on your list in the cold weather but chances are your dog will love the exercise regardless of the cold. The RSPCA suggest wearing something reflective in case you're out in the dark. Other advice is to keep Rover away from ponds/lakes which may have some surface ice. In case of a walk in snow, they advise checking your dogs paws for impacted snow which can be uncomfortable for them.


  • If you have Rabbits, Guinea Pigs or other small outdoor pets, keep an eye on them and provide some extra bedding and perhaps move them to a shed, garage or similar if conditions worsen. As a sidenote, the RSPCA advise against using a Greenhouse as a shelter due to rapidly changing temperatures in that environment. The RSPCA also have Rabbit Winter Care advice which you can find HERE.


  • Food can be more difficult to find for birds in Winter and further advice on feeding can be found HERE.

Further advice from the RSPCA can be found here -