Mo Jamil

Mo Jamil

Published at 5:44pm 7th March 2018.

He won The Voice in 2017 and his new album Evolve is out end of March. Carl caught up with him to talk about his beginnings in music, up to now.

With a singing coach like Jennifer Hudson, you're bound to do well in a TV series like The Voice but even Mo Jamil had reservations about his chances of scooping the win in 2017. He did win, by the way.

A year has passed since then so I was pleased to get the chance to catch up with him to find out everything from his beginnings in music up to the release of his new album Evolve which is out for release at the end of March.

I got chatting with Mo and found myself talking to a quiet, reserved, possibly even shy singer with a vocal talent that is the polar opposite to his own modesty. Make no mistake, Mo can sing! Tom Jones commented that a voice like Mo's doesn't come along very often and I'm pretty sure he would know.

You can grab That Feeling, the first single from the forthcoming debut album HERE.

I suspect Mo has a heck of a career ahead of him and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.