Egg Rolling Derby

Egg Rolling Derby

Published at 4:39pm 23rd March 2018.

A great family event returns on Saturday 24th March 2018 to North Square, Dorchester.

Roll up! Roll up!.....well Roll down actually, for Saturday 24th March is hereby proclaimed Egg Rolling day in Dorchester. That would sound so much better if Town Crier Alistair Chisholm were typing it!

Anyway, it's your chance to roll your egg (which must be a Hen's egg, no other types allowed) down Friary Hill from North Square down to the River Frome, Dorchester.

The event starts at 11AM and aims to raise funds for the Mayor's charities. Your egg can be decorated if you like and the Town Crier will be on hand to make sure you know what's supposed to happen and when!

Eggs will be judged on speed and distance so you'll need to have your technique just right in order to win a race.....or you can just go along and take part because it's a fun family event that the kids will love.

The race course starts in North Square where you'll be given a warm welcome before the races begin.