Lauren's Star Is Shining Even Brighter

Published at 11:43am 19th April 2018. (Updated at 8:09am 20th April 2018)

It's been a couple of weeks since she lost out on The Voice 2018 top title but rest assured Lauren Bannon is just getting started!

There was I, sat on the literal edge of my sofa feeling nervous not only for Lauren but also for Maria and I who were due a small cameo on national TV that night! The wait for Lauren's first turn seemed to take forever. Out of the four finalists they had put her on as the last one. She delivered a perfect performance (as always) and I found myself wondering why somebody with that level of talent even needs to be on The Voice. She looked great, she sounded great and she owned the stage with total confidence.....on live national TV, in front of millions of viewers.

In my mind I had settled that Lauren and Ruti would make it through to the final two but that ultimately Lauren would clinch the top spot. You can imagine my surprise, even anger when she didn't get through to the final two. As the results were announced, I walked out of the room. I couldn't reconcile how this decision had come about. How could people have voted that way? They were all brilliant acts but Lauren appeared the most complete.

Since that night, I thought I'd give her a couple of weeks breathing space to let the dust settle from The Voice and was so pleased that she came in to see us with PLENTY of good news!

So, as you'll hear above Lauren has lots happening. Truth is (on reflection) she didn't need to win The Voice. She's not a fledgling talent by any measure having honed her musical skills over many years, being comfortable on TV and on the radio and looking every bit the star already.  If anything The Voice has served to put her success-ready talent in front of the right people in the music industry. In short, she's just getting started and the real story has yet to be written. We've certainly not heard the last of Lauren Bannon and that's great news.

She's fielding various offers at the moment which are all under wraps but her nomination for Rising Star at this years Diva Awards which recognises an individual that has had an increased presence in the LGBT world over the past year is a tribute not only to what she has started to represent but also a total acknowledgement that she is, in every sense of the word in showbiz circles, a rising star.

Most importantly, you can nominate Lauren for the Rising Star award here: