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To go or not to go? (You should go!)

To go or not to go? (You should go!)

Published at 5:15pm 16th May 2018. (Updated at 5:24pm 16th May 2018)

Forget what you think you know of Shakespeare, bring it up to date, make it completely OTT and condense it down to 1.5 hours and BOOM! You've got a show not to be missed.


Take the Shakespeare rule book and throw it out! That's precisely what Matthew Duckett, Andrew Alton and James Tanton, the three stars of The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) have done for the show which opens at Weymouth Pavilion on Thursday 17th May 2018 running through until Saturday.

You'll be pleased to know that the business of taking what was undoubtedly a huge volume of Shakespeare's work has been condensed down into a single show but make no mistake it is fast paced, funny and with just enough rudeness to give your wicked side an exercise on the laughing machine!

There are references galore to "now" so even a younger audience with no prior experience of Shakespeare's work will find plenty to enjoy. If I told you that you'd be witnessing Othello in rap form and Romeo & Juliet performed in 10 minutes, you'll hopefully begin to appreciate that this is a show that can be enjoyed by all whether new to Shakespeare or a seasoned fan of the Bard (I mean Shakespeare rather than Morrissey......obviously!)

I spoke with the cast to get their views on the show along with their personal favourite parts of the script and even a snippet of the Othello rap (to hear the whole thing, you'll need to grab those tickets - link below).

I wonder if purists might perhaps remark that Shakespeare would be spinning in his grave but I think it's safe to say that any sound you may hear could never be spinning. That's the sound of old Bill laughing his socks off, and so will you!