Who's ordering your Pizza?

Who's ordering your Pizza?

Published at 9:22am 2nd November 2018.

Jon Culshaw brings his new show with Bill Dare to Weymouth Pavilion tonight!

Jon CulshawThere aren't many shows where the act orders Pizza for the audience and in a voice of the audiences' choosing, but that's exactly what's happening tonight at Weymouth Pavilion. You'll be going home happy but not hungry!

Legendary impressionist Jon Culshaw along with author and producer Bill Dare bring The Great British Take Off to the stage later and it is set to be a rioutous and unpredictable show. You see the only plan for the show is that there is no plan. It is entirely improvised with the audience helping choose the characters for Jon whilst Bill plays host to the fun that ensues.

Jon Culshaw is of course a mainstay of British comedy cutting his teeth in local radio and then, thanks to Lenny Henry (who knew!?) getting his big break into Spitting Image. Since that first big job Jon's career has scaled to the very top of the industry. You might remember he hit the news years back when he phoned Downing Street pretending to be William Hague and got put through (unexpectedly) to then Prime Minster, Tony Blair. This was all live, on the radio with Jon flying by the seat of his pants on a phone call that was taking a direction he truly never expected. It even made the evening news!

The other half of this double act is Bill Dare. Bill's CV reads like a history of great British comedy having been involved in The Mary Whitehouse Experience, Dead Ringers, The Now Show, The Late Edition and producer of eight series of ITV's Spitting Image.  Bill certainly knows comedy!

I was pleased to catch up with Jon on the phone this week to find out more about the show, his career and of course to get some of those impressions out of him. He certainly doesn't need encouragement and at times, you could be forgiven for thinking that the voice on the end of the phone really IS the person he's impersonating.

I started out by asking Jon about his history with impressions and where it all started with a surprise visit from Patrick Moore and a virtual tour of the UK by accents!

Jon went on to talk about his big break whilst working on local radio and talked more about the show tonight along with some of his current crop of favourite characters.

Find out more and grab those tickets for a show not to be missed tonight, here: https://weymouthpavilion.com/event/Jon-Culshaw/860