The Terras Bedtime Story

The Terras Bedtime Story

Published at 3:23pm 9th November 2018.

Having a bedtime story from local footballers proved a hit with children from Chickerell Primary Academy.

Pupils at the Chickerell Primary Academy got a bedtime story with a difference after a visit from Tom Prodomo, Assistant Manager for The Terras. Tom was accompanied by Terras Director Josh Barton for the event which is hoped will be the first of many to come.

The club are building an active partnership with the school following a previous visit from their manager and director of football.

Assistant Headteacher at Chickerell Primary Academy, Catherine Anders explained: “Reading underpins every part of learning. As a school, we want our children to love reading and to be able to become lost in stories. Having reading role models, such as representatives of Weymouth Football Club and especially males, we hope to continue building on our children’s progress in reading, and in particular, to encourage our boys to keep reading.”

Tom Prodomo had the unnerving task of having to read to the pupils though it seems if Football doesn't work out, he's at least got his reading skills to fall back on: “I really enjoyed the evening and it was fantastic to read to the pupils at the school. They were very engaged and interested and it was great to meet them and their teachers. We really look forward to continuing our relationship with the school.”

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