My 1,000th Selfie

My 1,000th Selfie

Published at 1:57pm 20th February 2019.

I'm a tenth of the way there thanks to Debbie at Cahill Motor Services in Dorchester! Some way to go still but reason enough to celebrate.

If I'm honest, when I agreed to do 10,000 Selfies! I had no idea that I'd soon be thinking "another fine mess you've gotten yourself into Carl" but 2019 has seen a renewed effort and plenty of offers!

So it was on 20th February 2019 that I got one tenth of the way there and believe me, this is a cause for celebration. I popped along to Cahill Motor Service and Debbie became my 1000th Selfie!

What have I learned since doing the first one? Well....

  • I can smile.....sometimes.
  • Men never complain they haven't had time to do their hair and makeup....well not so far anyway.
  • People travel to come and get a Selfie (and don't tell the boss but if they come to the building, I'll usually grab them a Wessex FM mug to take home).
  • As my enthusiasm grows so does the whole 10,000 Selfie project and peoples awareness and desire to take part.

One more thing, I really need to ditch the black hoodie which I only bought for our Dr Who video when I took over the show on 07th August 2017 (vid below in case you haven't seen it!) but still wear religiously!

So thanks to Debbie for being my 1000th. On to 2000 and who knows where it will lead me? You can help decide by getting in touch via the form on this page:

If you are one the Selfies I have so far, thank you for taking part. Each one makes a difference and yes, I will even drive to places just to get one. Each one is important.