The Producers at Weymouth Pavilion

The Producers at Weymouth Pavilion

Published at 3:07pm 21st May 2019. (Updated at 5:47am 22nd May 2019)

Wessex Musical Theatre brings the Mel Brooks classic to the Pavilion.

Producer Max Bialystock, once one of the great successes of Broadway is down on his luck and in desperate need of a successful show to restore his reputation. Cue Accountant Leo Bloom who figures out that if Max can stage a musical so awful that it flops, he can keep the money.

Born out of this cunning plan is the musical Springtime for Hitler with a duly appointed Director who is bound to fail and a leading star who will inevitably insure the whole thing goes catastrophically wrong.....or at least, that's what Max and Leo think!

There you have in a nutshell the plot of The Producers, the legendary Mel Brooks musical/film which is coming to Weymouth Pavilion thanks to the team at Wessex Musical Theatre.

Aside from the farcical story-line you can add in some fab show tunes, superb choreography and slapstick comedy to round off a true Mel Brooks classic.

Angela Elliot from Wessex Musical Theatre stopped by to tell Carl more about the show.



They also need stage crew so if you've ever fancied working behind the scenes in the theatre and have been looking for that first opportunity, this could well be it! Not a bad way to start your CV. You can contact them via

The Producers runs at Weymouth Pavilion Theatre from Wednesday 29th May 2019 through Saturday 01st June and you can grab those all important tickets at