Beaminster School Chicken Project

Beaminster School Chicken Project

Published at 11:20am 29th May 2019. (Updated at 11:26am 29th May 2019)

A Dorset School are looking for donations to build a chicken house and run.

For Local Radio Day in 2018, Maria and I found ourselves in the headteachers office of a Dorchester school, presenting the show live....with a chicken being carefully held behind Maria's head whilst she read the news. Listening back to the recording, you can clearly hear the chicken clucking away. Whilst I thought it was a funny situation, what surprised me was the way that the pupils of the school reacted to the much the same way as they might react to a cat or dog. They wanted to care for it and make a fuss of it. 

As part of their Eco Plan, Beaminster St Mary's Academy are looking for help in raising funds to buy the chicken house and build their run. I popped along to chat to some of the pupils involved to find out more.

They are hungry for donations so please, if you can spare some money they would be extremely grateful of your help -