GCSE Results

GCSE Results

Published at 7:42pm 21st August 2019. (Updated at 6:07am 22nd August 2019)

What to do if the envelope doesn't contain what you were hoping for!

Hello. Carl here. I well remember going to pick up my GCSE results (yes, I can remember that far back). It was at the old Barnes Way site of Hardye's in Dorchester when it was still a boys school (these days covered with very nice houses but still what a fate for such a wonderful building). There was a large metal framed building next to the Music block that I think doubled as a temporary Sixth Form Common Room and that was to be the place where the dreaded results were opened and the full truth revealed.

I did OK but only just. B's in English, Media and Music and the rest, D's, E's and F's. Not a particularly stratospheric success but the good results gave me what I needed to go on to do A-Levels......all of which yes, I totally failed.

I don't remember being nervous about getting my results. It's likely because I was not at that point in my life mindful of what those letters could mean later on in life. To put it another way, I was a bit of an idiot.

Doing well in your exams IS important and it IS a help but it's also not a guarantee of success and not doing well is no more a guarantee of failure.

I had a friend who was Musically gifted and these days is a proper qualified teacher. Ever the shy, retiring type he asked to remain anonymous. Here though, from somebody actively teaching at the moment is the advice.

GCSE Results:

Don’t panic!

If you don’t get what you wanted, things are never as bad as it seems.

Colleges will often provide an opportunity to retake exams - especially in core subjects such as English and Maths.

Make sure you talk to someone - your teachers at school will know you well and can offer you specific advice. Your intended college (or other destination) can also give you guidance about what they need or expect from you. You may find you are worried about nothing and can still take the courses that you had planned to take at college. You may find that the college want you to retake an exam - if so, they can support you with this at college when you start.

If you’re not able to take up the courses you wanted to at college there are options - Do you want to retake some GCSE’s so that you can continue on your intended path? Are there other courses similar to the ones you were looking at that appeal to you instead?

If you are just below a grade boundary then a re-mark may be possible but this is very much down to the school and can vary from subject to subject as to what can be appealed against in terms of remarking. A school may look at a re-mark if they believe significant errors have been made by the exam board.