The Smell of the Timewalk!

The Smell of the Timewalk!

Published at 10:37am 3rd May 2020.

Do you remember Weymouth Timewalk and it's distinctive smell? You can relive it all over again or discover it for the first time.

I've never quite understood what it is about the smell of a stone built church that I love as much as I do but I can't get enough of it. There is however a suggestion that smell is possibly more closely linked with memory than any of our other senses. Certainly a particular scent can transport you to a different time or place or bring back memories of a specific person.

AromaPrime, specialise in creating smells for themed attractions so if you need the smell of a Pirate Ship, a Unicorn or even the smell of a 1930's street, they can help. In fact they create all sorts of scents and it's everything from the desirable and enjoyable to the downright off-putting and possibly wretch inducing....and it's exactly how they mean it to be!

Weymouth man Liam Findlay is a Themed Scent Consultant with AromaPrime and he was keen to use his love of a former Weymouth attraction to create something that will hopefully help support a current attraction which at the time of writing is closed due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Liam has a long held passion for Weymouth Timewalk. I've seen for myself how the very mention of the former attraction spurs people on to hammer away enthusiastically at their keyboards reminiscing on what they loved about it.

The Timewalk was based at Brewers Quay where these days you will find Weymouth Museum and it is in support of the current museum that Liam decided to try and capture in a bottle the smell of the fabled Weymouth Timewalk.

The last time I met up with Liam we sat on a bench outside the museum and, being several years back he told me then of his plan to try and capture the distinctive scent of Weymouth Timewalk. I caught up with him on the phone recently to find out how he's been getting on with his quest.

Liam is clear that his intention with this creation is to encourage people to support the existing Weymouth Museum....although he concedes this is a little difficult in the current circumstances but certainly when it is able to re-open, please do pay them a visit and in so doing, give them the support they need.

You can find out more about Weymouth Museum here:

For The Timewalk Aroma Oil (sample bottles are available), visit: