Basketball: Cowboys Have No Luck Against Exeter II

Willson basketball

Published at 12:25pm 25th February 2015.

Weymouth Cowboys 50 – 77 Exeter University II. Men’s Exeter and District Division 1. Match Sponsor: Coleman Insurance Brokers.

With a larger but slightly different roster than the last battle against Exeter, the Cowboys were looking for their first win of the season. The atmosphere in the changing rooms was looking positive and aggressive to give a strong game to the Universities seconds.

Exeter came straight out of the gates in the first quarter offensively scoring most of their points from the midrange area and free throws that were awarded for some questionable foul calls. These questionable calls found Weymouth in team foul trouble allowing Exeter to take advantage of many free throws. Weymouth struggled to get a rhythm going offensively resulting in only 7 points being scored compared to Exeter’s 20. Although, there were brief moments of good offensive play with Rory Legg being found under the basket for an open layup and offensive rebounds from Rob Legg.

Going into the second quarter Weymouth were able to create more movement than the previous quarter allowing more open scoring opportunities which were mostly being converted. With Gilmartin and Clarke-Williams doing a great job alternating at the point guard position it allowed the more controlled pace and patient offense, therefore allowing Gilmartin to assist many baskets that were scored. The first half finished with Weymouth trailing by 15.

Beginning the second half, the third quarter was a strong scoring quarter from both teams. Multiple baskets were being traded by both teams with Willson, Dixon and White scoring three pointers in an effort to narrow Exeter’s lead. Whilst Weymouth’s offense was strong and aggressive the defence was lacking as Exeter had found a way to work around the zone defence and score effectively under the basket. With realisation of this Weymouth changed their defensive strategy to a man-to-man defence which slowed down Exeter’s scoring which could have led to a much larger lead to the home team. Resulting in this change Exeter only scored two more points than Weymouth in the third quarter.

The fourth quarter was dominated by Exeter’s fast break, even though White was able to record a few blocks from strong defensive efforts getting back, it wasn’t enough to stop the fast pace and passing that Exeter were putting out. The pace on offense for Weymouth had dropped but Gilmartin, Willson and Clarke-Williams managed to put some points on the board to close out the game.

Player, Jay Willson “It was a good effort from everybody today, if we didn’t have such a slow start offensively it would have definitely been a winnable game. If we were able to bring out one or two more players it would have been more suitable as we could have had a stronger rotation but we weren’t able to on this occasion.”

Game MVP: Jay Willson

Roster/Scorers: Jay Willson 13, Scott White 11, Max Gilmartin 10 , Matt Clarke-Williams 7, Rory Legg 4, Jamie Dixon 3, Rob Legg 2, Joe Southcott.