Haye Targets Vladamir's Big Brother

Haye Targets Vladamir's Big Brother

Published at 5:08pm 30th June 2011. (Updated at 12:04pm 1st July 2011)

David Haye says he is confident he will fight Vitali Klitschko after he has beaten his brother Vladamir Klitschko on Saturday.

The confident Brit has vowed to knock Vladamir out in Hamburg and then beat his brother before retiring from the sport on his 31st birthday in October.

"I'll start thinking about Vitali after the referee has counted to 10 on Saturday and I'm the new unified champ," Haye said. "There's nobody else I want to fight.

"Without a doubt I'm confident I'll fight Vitali in September or October. Once I've smashed Wladimir I'm pretty sure his big brother is going to try to step up to the plate to take revenge."

The bookmakers have Haye as the significant underdog for the fight against Vladamir who has an advantage in height, weight and reach.

"I'm very excited about this fight," said Klitschko's trainer Emanuel Steward. "It's a big fight. I've been involved in super-fights now for 30 years, since the first between Thomas Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard.

"This is leading up to be the second biggest I've been involved in after the Lennox Lewis-Mike Tyson fight in 2002.

"The thing about this fight that makes it this big is that we have two good-looking fighters, their bodies look good - which is a rarity today in the heavyweight division - and also they are in their prime.

"This is the only fight I've known Wladimir be emotionally charged up for since the rematch with Chris Byrd, and that was because Byrd's family said a lot of things.

"For this fight he is very charged up but still he's been very cool."

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