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"Any photographs, images, videos, text, sound files or other materials in any format ("Content") that you make available to us by any means (whether by uploading it to our site or our social media pages, sending us links to other sites or otherwise) must meet the following criteria: 

a) you are the sole legal owner of all rights (including intellectual property rights) in that Content, or

b) you have obtained the consent of the legal owner(s) of all such rights to make such Content available to us and grant us the licence described below and by making that content available to us you confirm that this is the case.

You (or your licensors) will retain all ownership rights in your Content, but by making Content available to us you grant us a non-exclusive licence (including the right to sub-license to our partner broadcasters and other third parties) to use, store, copy and adapt that Content and to distribute and communicate it (and any adaptation of it) to the public by any means. We take no responsibility for any use of Content by third parties (including other users of our site and/or social media pages) unless such use was specifically authorised by us."

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