Carl's Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call

Is there somebody in your house who just can't seem to wake up on time? Easy! Get Carl to call them on the radio.

Nobody likes Monday mornings but if you've got that one sleepy-head who just can't budge at the start of the week, it's time to deploy the Wake Up Call!

Carl will give your nominated person a call on a Monday morning on the radio and try and persuade them it's time to get out of their pit!

You'll need to tell us who you are, who needs waking up and any info that Carl might like to read out on the radio that might convince them to finally get up.

What you need to do.

Simply fill out the details below and Carl will let you know which day he's going to call. Make sure you're listening to the radio!

Including any nicknames you/friends may have for them.
Carl will call as close to this time as possible.
Go on, don't be shy!

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