Ways to Listen to Wessex FM

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Listen Live on your phone or radio...

On your FM Radio

Did you know that Wessex FM has multiple transmitters available? You can choose from Wessex FM 96fm, 97.2fm and of course if you're online there is  also the Wessex 70's! station for you to listen to

Listen live now!


Listen on iPhone, iPad, Android devices or Kindle Fire...

You can now listen to Wessex FM on your iPhone, iPad, Android devices or Kindle Fire through our very own app!

Please visit the App Store, Google Play or Amazon appstore on your device and search for us.

With our app you'll be able to do things like:

  • Listen to us
  • Get breaking news alerts
  • Read our latest news
  • Browse our photo galleries
  • Get in touch with the studio

Download the app for iPhone or iPad from the App Store

Download the app for Android devices from the Google Play

Download the app for Kindle Fire from the Amazon appstore

Simply Ask...

On your Amazon Echo or Alexa-enabled device


You should directly add the Wessex and Wessex 70s skills on your Alexa app, or you can just ask Alexa to enable the skill with:

"Alexa, Enable Wessex FM" or "Alexa, Enable Wessex 70s"

To listen to our live broadcasting for Wessex Radio and Wessex 70s on Amazon Echo, simply say:

"Alexa, Launch Wessex FM" or "Alexa Launch Wessex 70s"

 Alexa Silver Echo Hero


Add the skill onto your device.

In addition to listening live, Wessex FM has launched a new, free local news service, specifically for Alexa-enabled devices.

It means you can get vital local news at a time that suits you.

All you have to do is install the flash briefing skill.


Get the Skill:

Wessex News on Amazon

On Your Google Home or Google Home Mini Device

To listen to Wessex FM on your Google device, you will need to download our App on your mobile or tablet, and then cast the output to your device.

Google Home Device