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Bridal and BallThe Dress

The wedding dress is undoubtedly the most crucial element for any Bride, whether you are a fashion follower or will simply revel in the chance to dress up; it is the day when you can look and feel like a goddess. For some the right dress might be the first dress you try, or it might be the hundredth dress but when you know, you know.

1. Hourglass Figure

Your top half and your bottom half are equally balanced with a smaller waist creating a body shape similar to that of an hourglass.

Dresses to suit:
- To accentuate your figure a key is to highlight your smaller waist. Try a two piece dress with a bodice top, the fact that you can tighten the top half means drawing in the waist and  accentuating your natural curves.
- Similarly corset dresses have the same effect, drawing attention to your smallest part.
- A slight V shaped neckline will emphasise your bust and accentuate your slender waist.

- Too much detail around the waist – this is your smallest part and will lose your natural curves
- Try not to have too larger straps as this will make your top half un-balanced to your lower half the aim is to accentuate the figure you have rather than creating a new shape.

2. Pear Figure

A common figure is where women have bigger hips with a slender top half. Dresses to suit your figure will balance this.

Dresses to suit:
- Fuller dresses such as ball gowns or typical fairy princess styles often further emphases the bottom half but don’t be fooled this means that the top half and waist look slender and hides the hips with the illusion that they are meant to appear fuller.
- Empire / A – lines these skim the hips and add emphasis to your top half. Try a dress with detailing around the bust such as a bow, or with halter straps as this brings the attention away from your hips but also adds delicate details.

- Fish tails or tiered dresses as these draw attention to your bottom half in a tighter more fitted style.

3. Apple Figure

This is the most voluptuous figure with a bigger bust, fuller hips and a rounded or straight stomach. The aim of your wedding dress will be to use these elements to can create a curvaceous figure.

Dresses to suit:
- A dress with a higher waistline, such as one just under the bust will draw you into the most slender part of your figure, but will also elongate your legs.
- At the same time a dropped waist will fall just below your stomach and will create a slender figure.
- A dress with a plunging neckline will highlight your fuller bust and detract attention from a rounded stomach.
- A Ball gown style dress will fall gracefully over your wider hips whilst drawing in the waist and creating a gentle curve, one with a sweetheart neckline will also show a slight cleavage highlighting one of your many assets.

- Figure hugging dresses such as trumpet style or fishtail these emphasise the parts where you are widest.
- Strappy dresses as these will cut into your shoulders and make you look broader.

4. Inverted Triangle Figure

You may have broad shoulders that are wider than your slender hips. The aim is to balance your figure whilst highlighting your slender waist and hips.

Dresses to Suit:
- Don’t be fooled dresses with straps should not be avoided. Instead wider straps or loose sleeves will make your shoulders look slighter as the straps creating a new proportion.
- Add a plunging neckline such as a V shape as this will detract from the shoulders.
- Choose a dress that skims the hips, they are slender so show them off!

- Halter necks – these will make your shoulders appear wider by cutting off at the neck.

5. Slender Figure

Slim all over your figure will have a smaller bust and slender hips but a more undefined stomach.

Dresses to Suit:

- A Full gown with a fitted waist will create the illusion of curves.
- You have a slender figure so a more fitted dress will flatter your graceful shape.
- Detailing – Large bows or lots of glitter can add more volume to create emphasis to certain sections of your body you wish to highlight.

- Dresses with off the shoulder sleeves or that are strapless as these don’t create as much definition as dress with detailed straps.
- Simple styles as they will not create a desired silhouette, at the same time dresses that are straight will fail to create curves.

There is plenty of choice for your wedding dress but hopefully this guide will aid you in the right direction and have you looking red carpet glamorous.


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