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The Best Man's Speech

So you have been carefully selected and may I emphasise trusted as the best man! Well Congratulations! I imagine you are currently feeling a mixture of pure elation at the honour but also trepidation at the suddenly mounting pressure. With the expectation of light relief between the emotional gushings from the Bride and Groom, the Best Man Speech is one of the most eagerly anticipated at a wedding, but how to make it live up to expectations?

If the fear of speaking in public brings you out in an icy sweat or you simply just want to really impress the impatiently awaiting audience then read on to discover Wessex FM's top tips for writing a crowd pleasing memorable best man speech.

  • Introduce yourself – It may seem an obvious tip but many of the wedding party may not know who you are! It also makes them feel welcome and makes the speech more personal.
  • Preparation – Prepare, Prepare and Prepare some more; a speech that is clear and confident is likely to be well received than one which is mumbled, memorizing elements of the speech will result in a personal speech with plenty of eye contact.
  • Short and sweet – Think of what you want to hear at a wedding, there are many other speeches and people don’t want to sit through too many.
  • Emotional – Keep the emotional speeches to the family members try to make yours light hearted.
  • Don’t forget the bride – You are friends with the groom, but remember the bride can easily become a bridezilla if she is forgotten on her own big day.
  • Damning evidence – You may feel it is your duty to dig up the dirt on the groom, but remember the audience is family and children so keep it clean!
  • Playing the Fool – Jokes lighten the mood and are expected in a best man speech, but don’t try too hard, and remember the speech is about a beautiful day so some sincerity is essential.
  • Compliments – Don’t forget to compliment and thank the bridesmaids and parents this is essential not only to be polite but also makes you look good!
  • Stuck? – If you are stuck for ideas write about one particularly memorable story, or create a slideshow of images. Get Creative!
  • Be yourself – You were chosen because the groom trusts you. He knows you will deliver a great speech so be yourself and the rest will follow!


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