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The Stag Do

The stag party is considered the last night of freedom.  It is an event that takes the usual drinking and partying to the extreme in a ritual that is preformed as a rite of passage.

It is a chance to humiliate the Groom and mock him for entering the trapped world of marriage, and it is his last chance to act irresponsibly with little consequences.  Stag do’s certainly separate the boys from the men!

Fancy something a bit different? A bit wacky? Below is a list of other options that may get the creative juices flowing:

    Beer or wine tasting weekend
    Driving experience
    Casino Night
    Clay Pigeon Shooting / Archery / Paintball
    Quad Biking
    Assault Courses / Rock Climbing / Zorbing

Stag nights are wild weekends that give your Groom his final send off into the unknown world of married life. Whilst they will undoubtedly end in the bar with a pint and a kebab the day doesn’t have to start this way. Try these day events for an alternative spin on a male tradition.


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