The Wessex Word

Wessex Word


We play the Wessex Word every weekday, with your chance to win cash!  Listen and win at around 8:10am and 5:10pm!


The Wessex Word is proudly sponsored by Dorchester Carpets

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Here's how the current Wessex Word sounds:

 "So I try not to think too much about.."


Current Jackpot: £815

  • CLUE! It's a singing legend

  • CLUE! He needs plenty of this

Wrong guesses so far:

A, ABBA, Ability, Accidents, Accolades, Achievements, Acting, Acoustics, Addicts, Adele, Adolesence, Adoration, Adrenaline, Advice, Age, Agents, Aging, Airs, Aliens, Ailments, Airplay, Airports, Albums, Alcohol, Aliens, All, America, Amplitude, Amy, Analyzing, Anger, Animals, Anniversaries, Answers, Antidisestablismentarianism, Anxiety, Any, Anybody, Anyone, Anything, Appearance, Applause, Arguments, Arrangements, Art, Articulation, Assasinations, Assets, Attention, Attitudes, Audience, Audiences,  Austerity, Autographs, Awards, Babies, Bad, Baking, Baldness, Ballads, Bananas, Bands, Banjo's , Banking, Bankruptcy, Barbara, Baths, Bears, Beauty, Beatles, Becoming, Bee Gees, Before, Beggers, Being, Beyonce, Bieber, Bills, Bing, Birthdays, Blindness, Blue, Bob, Bobby, Booze, Boston, Boldness, Bond, Bono, Bookings, Botox, Boundaries, Boyfriends, Boyzone, Breaking, Breathing, Broadwey, Bromance, Being, Break-Up, Brexit, Buble, Buddhism, Buddy, Bugs, Bullies, Burgers, Business, Buzzing, Bygone, Cactus, Cadence, Caffeine, Cake, Calories, Cameras, Canada, Cancer, Capital, Carrots, Cars, Caruso, Cash, Categories, Celebrity, Ceremony, Certain, Chafing, Challenges, Chances, Change, Changing, Chaos, Charts, Cheating, Cher, Cheryl, Chicken, Children, Childhood, Chocolate, Cholesterol, Choosing, Chords, Choreography, Crissy, Chicks, Christianity, Christmas, Chuck, Church, Cilla, Classics, Climate, Clothing, Clues, Coaching, Coffee, Coldplay, Colour, Collaborations, Comebacks, Comedy, Commitment, Communism, Companionship, Company, Comparisons, Competing, Competition, Competitors, Complaints, Complications, Compliments, Composing, Compromises, Computers, Concentrating, Concerts, Conditions, Confidence, Conflict, Conforming, Consequences, Conversation, Convincing, Cooking, Connecting, Contesting, Contracts, Copyright, Corpsing, Cosmetics, Costs, Country, Courage, Covers, Crashing, Creativity, Credit, Criticism, Critics, Crowds, Crosby, Crying, Culture, Cynics, Dad, Dancing, Danger, Darkness, Dates, Dating, David Bowie, Deadlines, Deadly, Dealing, Dean, Death, Debts, Decisions, Demographics, Demons, Dentist, Depression, Details, Dieting, Diets, Direction, Disappointment, Disasters, Discrimination, Disney, Distance, Distractions, Divorce, Doing, Donald, Donna, Downloads, Doughnuts, Drama, Dreadlocks, Dreams, Dress Code, Drinking, Drivel, Driving, Droll, Drugs, Ducks, Dying, Disagreements, Dylan, Eating, Economy, Education, Electricity, Elton, Elvis, Embarrassment, Emotions, Encouragement, Enemies, Energy, England, Englebert, Entertaining, Entertainment, Enthusiasm, Errors, Ethics, Euphony, Eurovision, Events, Everybody, Everyone, Everything, Exercise, Expectations, Expenses, Exposure, Facebook, Failing, Failure, Fails, Faith, Falling, Falsehoods, Fame, Family, Famine, Fans, Fashion, Fate, Father, Fatherhood, Fear, Feedback, Feelings, Fellowship, Festivals, Fibs, Fiction, Fiddles, Fields, Figures, Filming, Finance, Finish line, Finishing, First, Fish, Fishing, Fitness, Flashbacks, Flowers, Flutes, Flying, Food, Football, Forgetting, Followers, Form, Fortunes, Frank, Freddie, Freezing, Friends, Friendship, Frozen, Fuel, Fulfilling, Funds, Fury, Future, Gambling, Game, Games, Gaming, Gangs, Gardening, Gear, Getting, Gender, Genre, George, Germs, Ghosts, Gigging, Gigs, Girlfriends, Girls, Giving, Glastonbury, Glenn, Glory, God, Going, Gold, Golddiggers, Golf, Good, Gordon, Gosling, Gossip, Grammys, Grandchildren, Grass, Grey, Greece, Groups, Groupies, Growing, Guidelines, Guilt, Guns, Hair, Hairlines, Happiness, Harmonies, Harmony, Harry, Haters, Having, Headlines, Heat, Health, Heartbreak, Heaven, Hecklers, Hackling, Heights, Help, Hendrix, Her, Hesitation, Higher, Hijacking, Him, History, Hits, Holidays, Hollywood, Home, Homework, Honey, Horror, Horse racing, Hospitals, How, Humans, Humor, Hurricanes, Hurting, Hygiene, Idiots, Illness, Imperfections, Insults, Interest, Injustice, Image, Imagining, Income, Impersanators, Implications, Important, Improvisation, Inequality, Influence, Individuals, Infections, Influencing, Inspiration, Insurance, Instruments, Interviews, Injuries, Insects, Internation, Involving, Irony, It, Itching, Jacko, James, Jayden, Jazz, Jealousy, Jerry, Joey, John, Journalists, Judging, Julio, Jumping, Kanye, Karaoke, Karen, Karma, Keeping, Kids, Knives, Kurt, Kylie, LA, La La Land, Labels, Landing, Laryngitis, Last, Lawsuits, Lawyers, Laughing, Learning, Leave, Legacy, Legality, Legends, Lennon, Liability, Lies, Life, Lighting, Lilt, Lines, Listings, Live shows, Living, Local, Longevity, Lonliness,  Looks, Losing, Lots, Love, Lover, Luck, Lunar, Lunch, Lyrics, Madonna, Magnitude, Magic, Making, Management, Mandy, Mankind, Maria, Marina, Marmite, Madness, Marriage, Matches, Maths, Marvin Gaye, Me, Meaning, Meat, Meatloaf, Medals, Media, Melodrama, Melody, Memories, Mercury, Michael, Microphones, Miming, Misfortunes, Missing, Mistakes, Mockery, Modern, Modulation, Monday, Money, Monica, Mortality, Mortgage, Mother, Motives, Movies, Moving, Much, Mud, Mugs, Mum, Mundane, Music, Musical, My, Myself, Myths, Nagging, Narcissim, Nashville, Nasty, Nationality, Negatives, Negativity, Nerves, News, Next, Nicknames, Nightmares, Nirvana, No,  Noah, Noel, Nostalgia, Notes, Nothing, Notoriety, Now't, Nudity, Numbers, Nursing, Oakley, Obstacles, Ohio, Old, Onlookers, Opals, Opera, Operations, Opinions, Opponents, Opportunities, Opposition, Order, Organs, Originals, Oscars, Others, Outcome, Outfits, Outside, Ovations, Pain, Papers, Paparazzi, Parenting, Parking, Partners, Parties, Passports, Past, Pasta, Pastimes, Patience, Pets, Pavarotti, Peaches, Peaking, Penalties, Pending, Pensions, People, Perfection, Performance, Performing, Personal, Petrol, Pets, Phil, Philosophy, Photographs, Piano, Pirates, Pie, Pitching, Pitfalls, Pizza, Plagiarism, Playing, Poetry, Police, Policies, Politics, Pollution, Pomp, Pop, Popularity, Posing, Possibilities, Possessions, Positions, Posterity, Potholes, Poverty, Power,  Practising, Predecessors, Predictions, Preference, Present, Pressure, Prestige, Previous, Prince, Priscilla, Privacy, Problems, Process, Producing, Productions, Profit, Promotion, Propaganda, Proposals, Posting, Prejudice, Psychology, Publicity, Puppy dogs, Pusdey, Pulling, Pundits, Purchase, Qualifications, Qualifying, Queen, Questions, Quiting, Race, Racism, Radio, Rain, Rainbows, Ratings, Range, Ranking, Reaching, Reality,  Recent, Recognition, Recordings, Records, Reggae, Regrets, Regulations, Rehab, Rehearsals, Rehearsing, Reincarnation, Rejection, Relationships, Relaxing, Releasing, Religion, Remakes, Remembering, Remeniscing, Remixes, Reporters, Reputation, Research, Residency, Resources, Respect, Rest, Restrictions, Results, Retirement, Retiring, Reunion, Reviews, Revenge, Revenue, Rewards, Rhyming, Rhythm, Ridicule, Risks, Rita, Ritchie, Rivalry, Rivals, Road trips, Roaming, Rock, Romance, Ronan, Routine, Rowing, Royalities, Rugby, Rules, Rumors,  Running, Ryan, Sadness, Safety, Sales, Sarcasm, Satisfaction, Sausages, Sceptics, Schedules, Science, Scorn, Scripts, Security, Seedlings, Segregation, Selfies, Seranading, Serving, Setbacks, Speaking, Sexuality, Shaving, Shopping, Showbiz, Shouting, Sickness, Signing, Simon, Sinatra, Singing, Situations, Sixties, Size, Slash, Sleep, Sleeping, Sleepless nights, Slights, Slimming, Slipping, Smoking, Snakes, Social media, Solos, Songs, Songwriting, Soul, Sound, Space, Spectators, Speeches, Speeding, Spice, Spiders, Spirits, Sport, Springfield, Stage fright, Staging, Stamina, Standings, Stardom, Stats, Status, Stereotyping, Stevie, Sting, Stopping, Stories, Stranger, Srength, Strife, Structure, Stuff, Stunts, Stuttering, Stupidity, Style, Success, Sugar, Sunshine, Superstitions, Surfing, Surgery, Superstition, Support, Surroundings, Swearing, Sweating, Sweets, Swimming, Swing, Tabloids, Tactics, Take-off, Taking, Talent, Tales, Talking, Tax, Teenagers, Technology, Technicalities, Technique, Television, Temperature, Tempo, Tennis, Temple, Terrorism, Terrorists, That, The, Theatre, Them, Things, Thirst, This, Threats, Tickets, Timing, Tina, Today, Tom, Tone, Top Gear, Trouble, Things, Thinking, Thursday, Time, Tiredness, Titles, Tom, Tomorrow, Tonight, Tornadoes, Touring, Tournament, Tradition, Training, Travelling, Trending, Trends, Tributes, Tripping, Trump, Trumpets, Trolls, Trump, Trust, Trying, Tunes, Tupac, Turbulence, Turning, Twitter, Two, Uncle, Undertones, Unnecessary, Upcoming, Us, Utah, Vacations, Vanity, Vegas, Vengeance, Venues, Vermin, Vertigo, Victory, Video's, Vinyl, Violence, Visas, Vision, Vocals, Voice, Volume, Voting, Wacko, Walking, War, Wardrobe, Waste, Watching, Water, Wealth, Weather, Weddings, Weight, What, When, Where, Witch, Whitney, Who, Why, Will.I.Am, Willow, Wimbledon, Wine, Winning, Winnings, Winter, Wives, Women, Words, Work, Working, World, Worrying, Wrinkles, Writing, Wrong, X Factor, Yesterday, Yesteryear, You, Tou Tube, Zombies


Remember - it's a ONE WORD answer!

  • Lines open as soon as we announce on air it's time to call, usually between 8:10 and 8:15am, and 5:10 and 5:15pm 
  • Entries can only be taken by phone at the specified times
  • Clues are given at our descretion and may be announced at any time


Well done to our recent winners:

  • Rose Warren in Weymouth picked up £190 for getting 'I don't like HOT'
  • Wayne Ryall from Rodden correctly guessed 'There's a CHEF over there' to win £215
  • Steve Brocklehurst listening in Crewkerne won £135 for guessing that Bob Geldof said 'LAME'
  • Emily Morgan from Thomas Hardye School won £410 by guessing singer Jack Garrett said 'CHICAGO'
  • Ryan Bates from Weymouth guessed that Meghan Trainor said "SASSY" to claim £130
  • Gary Jones from Weymouth won £130 for guessing that Dr Hilary Jones said 'HIBERNATE'
  • Jack Dunne from Upwey won £220 - he knew that Tony Mortimer from East 17 said 'FLUFFY'
  • Chris Bradshaw won £305 for guessing that Gary Barlow used the word 'PALATTE'
  • Jacki Brown from Bridport guessed Rod Stewart said 'LAYOUTS' and won £90
  • Marian Napper from Broadmayne won £220 for guessing Simon Le Bon said 'DEADLINE'
  • Helen Toft in Weymouth correctly guessed that Kate Aidie said 'CRAWLING' and won a huge £660 - our biggest ever jackpot!


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