Weymouth Town Centre Masterplan


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Work has started on preparing a detailed planning strategy that will guide development and investment in the town centre over the next 10 years.Weymouth Town Centre Masterplan

Weymouth & Portland Borough Council is developing a strategy to deliver a brighter future for Weymouth town centre and here at Wessex FM, we'd like to know your thoughts and ideas.


The overall vision for Weymouth town centre is `to be a place of unique character and distinctiveness, which builds on its maritime heritage and family friendly offer, to provide a vibrant mix of shopping, cultural and leisure activities, supported by thriving businesses, tourism, commercial and cultural sectors’.

Weymouth Town Centre Masterplan


Achieving a diverse, thriving town centre.

The town centre will be full of activity as a place to live.

This will be delivered through:- „

  • Regenerating the town centre through enhancing the mix of uses particularly along Commercial Road, the Harbourside and around Weymouth station by diversifying the retail offer, providing office and living accommodation, new public space and places to eat and enjoy leisure time.
  • Seeking the provision of a hotel and conferencing facility close to the waterside.
  • Enhancing public space in the town centre by providing better and clearer linkages, introducing more landscaping and places to enjoy the views.
  • Reducing the dominance of traffic and car parking and providing better linkages for pedestrians to key destinations.
  • Providing a `Harbour Circuit’ pedestrian route to attract visitors to the inner harbour , providing a facility for all users to enjoy

Providing high quality destination streets.

The town centre will be connected by streets that lead to a destination, that have a purpose and which are not dominated by traffic and provide a better quality environment for pedestrians.

This will be delivered by:-

  • Promoting a better balance between pedestrians and road traffic in redevelopment schemes.
  • Enhancing pedestrian routes and signage to key destinations in the town centre.
  • Rationalising car parking provision, managing traffic congestion and enhancing the pedestrian environment

Create an attractive vibrant town centre around the clock.

The town centre will add to its mix of uses and attractions, particularly its family offer to ensure a range of activity, throughout the day, evening and night time.

This will be delivered by:-

  • Building on the existing night time economy, providing a wider range of attractions, including family and fine dining and a new cultural attraction on the waterfront close to the station.
  • Introducing opportunities to live and work in the town centre, particularly through the regeneration of the key sites at Harbourside, Weymouth station, the Peninsula as part of mixed use development.
  • Developing the cultural offer for residents and visitors to Weymouth.
  • Providing space for outdoor events at Westham Bridge, the Peninsula and the Harbourside.
  • Providing community facilities within the Harbourside.

Provide an active waterfront.

The town centre will build upon its attractive waterside areas, providing a range of activities to enable everyone to enjoy Weymouth’s unique coastal and waterside location.

This will be delivered through:-

  • Creating mixed use development along all waterfront areas and provide space for cultural activities.
  • Investing in quality street and spaces, with street furniture to enable enjoyment of the attractive setting and better signage.
  • Providing facilities and car parking within the Harbourside for users of the harbour and marina area.
  • Providing a high quality public space at Westham Bridge as part of the `Harbour Circuit’ pedestrian route

Provide places for people.

New development in the town centre will create varied, attractive places for people.

This will be delivered through:-

  • Reducing the dominance of traffic and car parking in the town centre.
  • Providing better pedestrian routes and connections to key destinations throughout the town centre.
  • Providing high quality public space, for events, activities and to relax in.
  • Enhancing the hard and soft landscaping within the town centre, focussed in new public spaces, around the inner harbour and at the Peninsula.


Weymouth Town Centre Master Plan

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