Weymouth Transport Package for the 2012 Games

The Weymouth Transport Package for the 2012 Games is a series of long-term public transport improvements which will provide a transport legacy for Weymouth and Portland after the Games.

The Department for Transport approved funding for the scheme, and work started on the town centre junction improvements on 7 June 2010.

Work on the Weymouth Showcase element of the scheme has already started. Funding for this part of the transport package was brought forward so that the county council can buy the equipment needed, install it and test it before 2012.

County council engineers have put together the transport package to improve public transport and to encourage more people to leave their cars at home and reduce congestion. Major Weymouth town centre roundabouts will be replaced with intelligent traffic signals that "talk" to each other which will ease congestion at busy periods.

The package aims to:

*Ease the impact of congestion, particularly for buses, along King Street and Boot Hill

*Improve the quality of public transport by using newer buses and improving bus stops

*Modernise the bus network by introducing real time passenger information (RTPI) on buses and at bus stops

*Make it easier for people to use the bus and train by developing an interchange at the railway station

*Improve air quality and pedestrian safety

 Take a look at the plans below to see how the new junction layouts will look, and click on the Dorset for you website to get more details

Esplanade Junction

Kings Junction

Wyke Rd Junction

Harbour Junction

Westham Junction