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Major roadworks in Weymouth Avenue, Dorchester





Major work on replacing a gas main is due to start in Dorchester on Monday 12th January.

Southern Gas Networks say it will have a huge impact on traffic in the town.

The work will be carried out in nine phases, starting outside 1 Weymouth Avenue on 12 January and coming to an end outside 31 Weymouth Avenue approximately 12 weeks later.

There will be restricted access to Eldridge Street on Sunday 18 January to allow the new main to be connected. Fairfield Road will be closed during phases 4 and 5, while during Phases 6 to 9 there will be no access to Weymouth Avenue from its feeder roads (Upper Fairfield Road, Edward Road and Queen’s Avenue) as the works cross their entrance.

SGN Team Manager John Powell said: “I would like to apologise for any inconvenience which may be caused by this project. All our work is being carried out in close consultation with Dorset Highways, and we will be doing everything we can to minimise disruption.

“We understand that roadworks can be very frustrating, but the new plastic pipe has a minimum lifespan of 80 years. This means that once the work has been completed, people in Dorchester will continue to enjoy the benefits of a continued safe and secure gas supply for many years to come.”

Full list of provisional dates and locations of work (pdf)


First has also let Wessex FM know of changes to their services as a result of the work.

Service 10 will travel the normal route from Weymouth to Dorchester but will return from Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester via Damers Road and divert using Maumbury Road, resuming the normal route from Weymouth Avenue.

Customers who would normally use the Brewery Square bus stop to travel towards Weymouth will be directed to the bus stop on Maumbury road, which is currently used for the town’s Park & Ride service.

Brewery Square bus stops in both directions are also likely to be closed off for the whole period the works are taking place. Traffic lights could add to delays to the services and First will endeavour to ensure Service X31 will connect with trains at Dorchester South Station during the roadworks.

Queens Avenue bus stops will also be affected as the works progress towards their finish at Maiden Castle Road. Details will be available once First Wessex has been notified of the next phase of works by Southern Gas Networks

Simon Newport, General Manager of First Wessex, said: “We shall do everything we can to keep our services running as smoothly as possible in Dorchester but depending on the congestion and delays likely to occur, they may be subject to change.”


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